What moves the blood through the circulatory system? What makes our hearts beat? Energy. Organ meridians have predictable flows of energy. For 5,000 years, Acupuncturists/ Acupressurists have studied how energy moves throughout the body and how the pathways follow a set pattern each 24 hour cycle. The pathways of energy are divided into 12 channels, or meridians according to the nature of energy flow from head to feet, feet to chest, chest to hands or hands to head. Chi flows through the body beginning with the lung channel of the hand and ends at the liver channel of the foot.

Acu-points are 0.5-1 degree hotter  and have measurable electro-magnetic qualities. An acu-point has 10 times the level of adrenaline in the blood than the surrounding areas suggesting a link between meridians and endocrine gland regulation. The endocrine gland releases hormones which influence mood, regulation growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes. The channels are named after the organs that they nourish and are outlined along with the time of day the energy is most active in the meridian.


Each meridian mirrors itself on the opposite side of the body (except stomach, the only yang channel going down the front of the body) The energy flows through the meridians much like electricity flows through a copper wire circuit. These channels connect muscles, tissue, tendons, blood, marrow
from torso to fingertip (along inside of arm--yin)           
from fingertip to face (along outside/back of arm--yang)           
from face to feet (along outside of leg--yang)           
from feet to torso (along inside of the leg--yin)                        
Three times through this four-step process covers the twelve major meridians.


Merdians 24 hour cycle and emotional manifestation of imbalance:
1. LUNG MERIDIAN (3am - 5am); grief, intolerance
2. LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN (5am - 7am); guilt
3. STOMACH MERIDIAN (7am - 9am); disgust, greed
4. SPLEEN MERIDIAN (9am - 11am); worry, anxiety about the future
5. HEART MERIDIAN (11am - 1pm); joy, anger
6. SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN (1pm - 3pm); insecurity, sadness
7. BLADDER MERIDIAN (3pm - 5pm); fright, impatient, restless
8. KIDNEY MERIDIAN (5pm - 7pm); fear, indecision
9. PERICARDIUM (7pm - 9pm); hurt, extreme joy, jealousy, regret
10. TRIPLE WARMER (9pm - 11pm); hopelessness, depression, despair
11. GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN (11pm - 1am); rage, wrath
12. LIVER MERIDIAN (1am - 3am); anger, unhappiness

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