My journey with hematite has been healing. I am affected by the moon and have found hematite beneficial for my emotional stability.
At the time I started wearing magnetic hematite, I suffered from carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my hands and wrists from acupressure training that almost prevented me from graduating. After years of wearing hematite bracelets I have minimal pain in my wrists. I wear a left side bracelet and right anklet. We receive energy from the universe through our left side and ground through our right side.
Magnetic hematite has healing properties that are grounding and stabilizing. It increases circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Gems that are included in my jewellery include amethyst for it's protective qualities and transmuting addictive thoughts; Rose quartz to encourage unconditional love; Copper for it's grounding properties; Turquoise to repel negative energy; Tiger eye for focus, mental clarity and resolution.
New thankful grateful prayer necklaces with 111 beads for focus and meditation. Pythagoras established that numbers have different vibrations. 111 can signify a pivotal universal gateway and is the number of manifestation. It reminds us to be aware that our thoughts create our reality.
I consider this jewellery sacred and have a tradition of charging all pieces every full moon and encourage others to do the same.
Matrix Magic Jewellery is made by Jin Shin Do practitioner Jennifer Aldrich and is available at Time to Heal and Waldorf Craft Markets.

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